Sailing like in the olden days

The peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst is famous for its gorgeous Baltic Sea landscapes, but also for its maritime past and large traditions. One of the most popular are the so called Zeesboote. But - what are Zeesboote in particular?

Zeesboote are historic regional fishing vessels, used yet 650 years ago for inner bay fishing. The boats were named after the fishing meshes, the so called Zeesen. With the characteristic dark brown sails and the rolling hulks from oak-timber in Kraweel or brick style, they generate today and then a beautiful optical screen.

Today Zeesboote are not anymore used for fishing. However they still serve an important purpose while representing a part of the history of the regional navigation and sustain the regatta tradition. Already 100 years ago Zeesboot regatta took place after having passed the main fishing season in autumn. Till today they could retain the surrounding special flair and attract every year gaggles of visitors. Who not just wants to observe the Zeesboote from afar as a spectator, can experience the maritime and historic charme and enjoy the beauty of our inner bay waters at numerous inner bay harbours offering round tours.

Round tours with the Zeesboot "Hanne Nüte"

We offer these round tours of about 1.5 hours starting at the harbour of Dierhagen.

Price: adults 10.00 €, children of at least 4 years 5.00 €

for individual charter routs you can consult the harbour master, Mr Peter Zobel under: +49-170-4512671

Zeesboot regatta

With the main season not just the time of summer, sun, beach and sea starts, but also the season of the maritime events on Fischland-Darß-Zingst. One of the most famous events are, besides the harbour festival, the traditional Zeesboot regatta. Witnessing the take-off of such a regatte is something very special.

Thus every third weekend in July reams of visitors come to the harbour of Dierhagen for observing the traditional fishing boats with its red-brown sails putting out for regatta into the Saaler inner bay. Whereas teams fight for the win, the harbour is yet celebrating. After the award ceremony in the evening, everyone is invited to the big sailor's prom.

Also in the communities of Zingst, Wustrow and Ahrenshoop-Althagen regatta take place. Peak of the regatta season is celebrated the first weekend in September in Bodstedt.