Peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst

Bathing soul - salting sense on the most beautiful pensinula of Germany. Discover the unique natural landscape of our peninsula by bike, on foot or waterway.

The fine sandy beach not just invites you to bathing and basking, but is also ideal for taking a walk, gambling and sporting.

The 60 km long and fine sandy coast of the peninsula Fischland-Darß-Zingst is unique. Fine and white sand as far as the eye can reach, stoneless and child-friendly promises pure bathing pleasure for the whole family.

Regardless if you pass your merited annual vacations with your family here, go in for a short-term weekend-trip or want to use our special spa or cure offers, we look forward to your visit.

The Darßer western beach seems lusty and picturesque with its weird shaped trees, the windswept ones. And of course you will look up to an indescribable high and wide sky.

After a refreshing bath in the clear and clean Baltic Sea you will feel the sun tanning your skin, enjoy having no appointments, dig into the sun and at least find the most beautiful piece of stone at the beach.

 On the one hand plain and wind protected, on the other hand harsh and picturesque - every metre of our almost infinite beach is worth visiting. An unforgettable experience is to find a piece of amber in the drift line of the waves after a thunderous winter storm.

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